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2020-03-26 09:49:51

In May 2018, China issued the "Guidelines for the Manufacturing and Installation of Home Elevators", the national standard of the People's Republic of China GB / T21739-2008. We summarized the standard requirements into the following points..

1. Definition of home elevator. An elevator installed in a private house and used only by family members. It can also be installed in a building that is not used by a single family but as a tool for a single family to enter its residence, but the public or other occupants in the building cannot enter and use it. According to the above definitions, it is installed and used in homes. If it is installed in commercial facades or non-residential, it can be used, but it must be used by people inside the family to enter the home.

2. Rated speed. The rated speed of a home elevator is not more than 0.4 m/s, and the rated speed of a home elevator without a car door should not be more than 0.3 m/s. According to this standard, the speed of current traction home elevators is generally set at 0.4 m / s, while screw elevators are generally  0.15m/s.


3. Traveling. The home elevator travel should not exceed 12 meters. The traveling of home elevator is commonly understood as the distance from the lowest floor to the highest floor, also known as the lift height of the home elevator. Generally, the distance from the first floor to the top floor of the villa will not exceed 12 meters. This requirement has nothing to do with the number of elevator stops. There are many customers' homes with elevator door opening stations at one and a half floors, two and a half floors, etc. In this way, from the first floor to the top floor, the elevator can stop at 5 stops or more.

4. Rated load. It should be calculated based on a net load area (including the area occupied by the handrail) of at least 250 kg / square meter; the rated load should not be greater than 400 kg. Therefore, according to the size of the car, the current home  elevator is generally divided into 180 kg, 260 kg, 320 kg and 400 kg.

5. Car area. The net loading area of the car (the area occupied by the handrail should also be counted) should not exceed 1.6 square meters. Generally, in actual design and production, the maximum car area size will be 1.2 meters * 1.3 meters, 1.15 meters * 1.35 meters, 1.1 meters * 1.4 meters, etc., while the minimum car area of our home elevator can be 0.6 meters * 0.6 meters , Suitable for one person.