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How to maintain a home elevator
2020-04-11 10:38:17

Now many home elevators have been installed in villas, which is convenient and beautiful, but do you know how to maintain the home elevator in the villa?


The maintenance method of the home elevator: pay attention to the load capacity of the home elevator. Different elevators have different load capacities. We should use the home elevator according to the load capacity of the elevator we installed. And do not use it frequently,  because this will increase the probability of home elevator damage.

Maintenance method for home elevators 2: Pay attention to the maintenance cycle of home elevators. We all know that home elevators will have maintenance cycles. We need to regularly carry out large maintenance according to the prescribed maintenance period, which can help us extend the service life of home elevators.

The maintenance method of the home elevator 3: clean the interior of the home elevator. If the home elevator is not cleaned and maintained frequently, the home elevator will easily become dirty, so regular cleaning of the home elevator is also the maintenance of the elevator, but pay attention to use a cleaner with less corrosiveness.


Maintenance method for home elevator 4: lubricate the parts of home elevator. The working efficiency of home elevator will be reduced after used for a long time.  So increasing the lubrication of parts is also the maintenance of home elevator.