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SLFUJI short list of the first batch of China building energy conservation promotion strategy alliance.
2019-10-29 15:41:38

Chinese building energy saving promotion strategic alliance announced in the seventh estate and Asian Real Estate Expo in December 18th. Shanghai Xiernuo Elevator Co., Ltd. nominated the first strategic alliance and become China's elevator industry the only units attended the ceremony of the establishment of the alliance, the chairman of the board of directors of the company also participated in the building energy saving in China Summit round table meeting. China building energy conservation promotion strategy alliance is a joint initiative by the real estate developers, architectural design agencies, the Ministry of construction products manufacturing enterprises and related agencies, launched a cross industry, strategic cooperation alliance. Xiernuo senior leadership platform by virtue of the alliance summit Roundtable, directly with the Chinese real estate industry giants and architectural design and building materials Bupin circles mister, energy-saving experts and economists dialogue, forming butt end of the trend. I Maderno brand framework integrated residential elevator energy-saving new technology caused widespread concern in the estate industry and construction design, Xiernuo companies to take advantage of, the recent launch of the new energy-saving products, to meet the market demand.