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Take the elevator to suffer an accident can also be awarded
2019-10-29 15:42:15

Recently, the Pacific Life Insurance Company officially announced, since July 18 this year, the original flagship Ann Hangbao endowment insurance products (version 2.0) new upgrade. According to the relevant staff of the Pacific Life Insurance, after the upgrade of an Hangbao version 2.0 in addition to guarantee traffic accident, designed to increase the elevator accident liability and legal holidays accident liability. If the insured in the elevator the elevator for suffered accidental injury or suffer accidental injury during the holidays, and since the accident occurred from within 180 days to the accident is the direct cause of lead to death or total disability, the maximum awarded 100 million yuan.

An Hangbao is Pacific Life's star product, widely affirmed its distinctive function of insurance protection by the market. Since listing, by the hot pursuit of customers. As of 5 at the end of this year, more than 2 million 300 thousand customers choose an Hangbao, total amount of up to about 2 trillion and 400 billion yuan. But after the upgrade of the security Hangbao 2 version is a low paying, high security, full back, full responsibility characteristics. Insurance customers occupants, civil aviation, land and water transportation, major natural disasters, elevators, statutory holidays during accidental death the residual maximum was awarded one million guarantee; expire survival obtained 110 or 120% premium value return to, 30 year old company employee Mr. Wang as an example, the under 10 years to pay, annual premium selection in 1880 yuan (total 18800 yuan, 30-year guarantee), if Mr. Wang survival to insurance period expires, won the expiration of the insurance gold 22560 yuan, the daily average of insurance fee 1.72 yuan. In addition to the above risk protection, other accidents, non accidental risks can also be a corresponding guarantee.