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Beijing to build the first monitoring platform in addition to lift management services to the public five in one bite
2019-10-29 15:45:55

In recent years, all over the elevator accident occurred so far is a heart palpitations, this should be to bring convenience to people living in the elevator has become a devil. In April this year, the Beijing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said that the mainland will be built by the end of the first Beijing model of the elevator emergency rescue integrated service platform, the elevator early warning, detection, rescue, insurance and compensation for the combination of compensation. It is reported that the platform and elevator safety monitoring information system and elevator monitoring platform to establish a data connection, you can monitor the operation of each elevator in real time, to detect the safety of the elevator, and to make early warning.

To at the time of the accident promptly arrange rescue platform reference E-Drive network scheduling service model, the maintenance units and personnel gathered on the platform, the platform after receiving the accident information will immediately send it to the recent elevator rescue team distance, with the fastest speed of the rescue. According to reports, there are about one kilometer within the scope of the rescue unit, and the rescue time is generally not more than 30 minutes.

One of the five urban management services to the public.

In today's Beijing, precise set of perception, analysis, services, command and supervision, one of five urban management networking platform to help the management of the urban master urban violations and enforcement power distribution.

Reporters in Beijing City, the new generation of command center hall to see, more than and 400 urban management wireless monitoring video probe and other data information in real time on the monitor screen. In addition, nearly 900 sets of law enforcement vehicles GPS positioning system, more than 6000 law enforcement officers to make every law enforcement team in real-time online.

Wisdom of the ultimate goal of urban management or service to the public. Song Gang, director of the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau Information Center of science and technology, said that in 2012, the mainland first people chased through my love Beijing app on the line, so that every citizen can for the vegetable market assessment, market information and error correction. Song Gang believes that wisdom is the wisdom of technology, wisdom is the people, the wisdom of the city's construction needs of the public to participate, really do my city I call the shots.